Useful Numbers Of Samos

ServiceTel Number
Hospital In Samos22730 83100
First Aid Vathi2273022222
First Aid Karlovasi2273032222
Hospital Vathi2273083100
Karlovasi Health Center2273352000
Regional Medical Office Ag.Konstantinos2273094207
Regional Medical Office Chora2273091898
Regional Medical Office Kallithea2273097926
Regional Medical Office Kokkari2273092203
Regional Medical Office Kontakeika2273034062
Regional Medical Office Leka2273033639
Regional Medical Office Marathokampos2273331207
Regional Medical Office Mitilinii2273051223
Regional Medical Office Pagondas2273071220
Regional Medical Office Pirgos2273041001
Regional Medical Office Platanos2273039285
Vathi Police Department2273022333
Karlovasi Police Department2273033333
Pythagoreion Police Department2273061333
Marathokampos Police Department2273031909
Vathi Fire Department2273022199 / 2273023062 / 2273023063
Karlovasi Fire Department2273030195
Vathi Coast Guard2273027318 / 2273352220 / 2273352240 / 2273352241
Karlovasi Coast Guard2273030888
Pythagoreion Coast Guard2273061225 / 2273352280 / 2273352281
Dutch Consulate in Samos2273028383
German Consulate2273023657
Vathi Port2273027318
Karlovasi Port2273030888
Pythagoreion Port2273061225
Vathi Citizens Service Center2273350132
Karlovasi Citizens Service Center2273350813
Pythagoreion Citizens Service Center2273391784
Marathokampos Citizens Service Center2273037500
Samos Public Bus KTEL2273027262
Vathi TAXI Station2273028404
Karlovasi TAXI Station2273030777
Pythagoreion TAXI Station2273061225
Marathokampos TAXI Station2273037600
Kokkari TAXI Station2273092585
Mitilinii TAXI Station2273051400
Tourism Organisation2273028582
Municipality of Vathi2273350100
Municipality of Karlovasi2273350800
Municipality of Pythagoreion2273361238
Municipality of Marathokampos2273350601
Providence22733 53457
Forest Protection Service22730 27435