About Digital Center for Samians living Abroad

The Municipality Eastern of Samos and the University of Aegean – Department of Information and Communication System Engineering, Laboratory of Informative Systems, collaborate for the growth of common action aiming at the interconnection of Samian emigrants in Greece and abroad. In the frames of their collaboration they develop jointly the “Digital Centre for Samians living Abroad” a model website which will implement innovative actions and services for the interconnection of all Samians with society and the daily reality of Samos.
The "Digital Centre for Samians living Abroad" is a standard website offering a variety of services.
More specifically:

• Recording of each expatriate with simultaneous assignment of personal username and password. The expatriate can maintain his/her profile staff, as well as communicate with other emigrants - system users.
• With the permission of each user, his/her information can be publicized to promote the connection of expatriates to their local communities.
• Informing expatriates about the local issues, initiatives and events of the island.
• Distance learning which offers digital courses of Greek Language and Greek History. Courses are available in Greek, English, and special lessons for children.
• Special service to registered expatriates, for their issues concerning the services of the Municipality of Samos. This service is provided through the use of a special contact form or by telephone with qualified staff of the Municipality.
• Support for entrepreneurship in Samos, with information on all the relevant actions and investment opportunities announced on the island.
• A system for collecting ideas for the next services that will be provided by the "Digital Center of Samian Emigration" and annual plan/action reports.
• The ability to communicate between members in real time.
• View and keep up-to-date with local island products.

With the above services, the "Digital Centre for Samians living Abroad " will become an international good practice for the interconnection, support and integration of emigrants into the local community.