Web Radio Stations of Samos

Choros 94,2

A different place that evokes emotions was born in 1996 in Karlovasi, Samos. It is a creation of a group of students of the University of the Aegean. With love and passion for the radio, they founded Samos’s only student radio station, Choros 95,6. Since then, it has opened a new chapter in student life on the island, and has been very successful. Along the way the frequency changed from 95.6 to 94,2. But all the good times are over and so in the case with radio legends, so in 2009 Choros was closed. Hope was born again in 2010 and a sunbeam broke out in Karlovasi, Samos, because students with love for the radio reappeared, who managed to open Choros again ( even online only ). But the dream is kept alive by generations of executives and producers who continue their work from 2010 and up to now and hopefully for many more years.

Listen here:  http://live24.gr/radio/generic.jsp?sid=1695  

Radio Samos 102

Another Samos radio station that loves Greek music. Samos Station broadcasts at 102 FM. For the history you should know that the island of Samos is full of tourist traffic during the summer season. Of all the islands in Greece, the one closest to Turkey is the one that separates it from the Strait of Mycalis, which is about 750 meters wide at the height of Poseidon. Samos is one of the most beautiful and greenest islands in Greece.

Listen here: http://live24.gr/radio/generic.jsp?sid=1566

2000 FM 99.8

Loyal listeners of the 2000 FM 99,8 are now listening to a different way of perceiving events and having fun. 2000 FM broadcasts from Samos at 99,8. Samos has a population of 32.973 according to the 2011 census. The island is known for its sweet Nectar wine, its lush vegetation and tourist attractions.

Listen here: http://live24.gr/radio/generic.jsp?sid=500

Radio Cafe 102.4

Radio station in Samos… Foreign music that we love and with many Greek shots that we love to drink. And news… lots of news from Samos and around the world through the official website of the station www.samostoday.gr/. The different coverage…Simple and short…

Listen here: http://live24.gr/radio/generic.jsp?sid=1567

Harmony 103.2

Harmony since antiquity has been synonymous with fitting, joining, matching parts of a structured while ( eg, the stones of a building, celestial bodies in the universe ) and at the same time positively evaluating symmetry, Eurythmia, correct proportions the perfect application of the building blocks. The result of the Harmony according to aesthetic considerations from ancient times was beautiful. The word was widely used in music and with different meanings.

Listen here: http://live24.gr/radio/generic.jsp?sid=503

Ionia Radio 89.4

A radio that covers the news in Samos, the nearby islands and all over Greece. Ionia Radio now broadcasts from 89,4. Initially it was broadcasting at 105,2.

Listen here: http://live24.gr/radio/generic.jsp?sid=504